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Drone Mapping

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Video GPS Mapping

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AirTek delivers high-quality video with GPS-embedded coordinates which plot out the precise location of your video.

This video GPS tracking method uses state-of-the-art technology, to create jump points which will take you to the location of your footage.

Footage can easily be downloaded and shared.  The video can be stored for record-keeping and/or used to protect companies against insurance liability claims.

360° Orbital mapping

View your construction site in spherical panorama. Our Drone Mapping technology we can capture maps with high-def resolution. You can zoom in to determine specific elevation points and markings on your site. We can make monthly, weekly, and daily progression maps of your construction site(s) allowing you to monitor job site(s) without leaving your office. Examine safety hazards before they become a problem, or use this to examine your site with a bird-eye view from any direction.

Orthomosaic Mapping

Orthomosaic Mapping

Our Technology Provides:

  • 360° View with Pan and Zoom
  • 2D & 3D Panaramic View
  • Elevation measurements
  • Create Annotations
  • Calculate Volumetric Data
  • Distance Measurements
  • Colour-coded Elevation Mapping
  • Create a Visual Timeline
  • Create an Interactive Site and Share your Maps, Panaramas and Video with your Colleagues 

An orthomosaic (interactive drone map) is a geometrically accurate aerial image composed of several individual still images that are stitched together. Orthomosaics provide a similar view to what you’d see in the satellite view in Google Maps. However, the data is far more accurate and up to date giving team members the critical and potentially time sensitive insights they need at the touch of a button.

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We are the Ideal Solution for Golf Course Management

We provide the perfect solution for managing every aspect of golf courses, leveraging drone technology to provide comprehensive golf course management services.
  • Utilizing photogrammetry and 3D mapping gives golfers the ability to know every blade of grass and grain of sand on the course, so they are confident and prepared for a great day on the green.
  • 25–35% of total club revenues go towards maintenance costs.
  • By using 3D models of a course, management can better monitor the green and conduct hole-by-hole analysis, especially of large courses.
  • Golf courses can use our analysis to quickly spot and remediate watering and turf health issues, prioritize labour and resource usage, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Using aerial images and 4k video footage as marketing materials for your golf course can significantly increase revenue, by capturing the experience of being on your course.
  • Drones are exceptionally suitable for capturing the full scale of the golf course which would be impossible with ground-based digital photography or video.
Golf Course

Try Our Interactive Orthomosaic 3D Model Below

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